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XSA1032-TG Spectrum Analyzer

+ Frequency Range from 9 kHz up to 3.2 GHz
+ -160dBm Displayed Average Noise Level
+ Phase Noise -82dBc/Hz @1Gz and offset at 10kHz
+ Total Amplitude Accuracy <1.5dB
+ 10Hz Minimum Resolution Bandwidth (RBW)
+ EMI Pre-compliance Test Kit
+ Up to 3.2 GHz Tracking Generator Kit
+ 10.4 inches display Learn More

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XSA1032-TG Spectrum Analyzer is available for purchase in increments of 1


1. 10 Hz Minimum Resolution Bandwidth (RBW)
Digital IF technology offers a minimum bandwidth of 10Hz,allowing excellent signal resolution when separation of closely spaced signals is required.

2. Measure -130dB small signal at 10Hz RBW
Offers a DANL (displayed average noise level) down to -130 dBm, which is able to measure smaller signals.


3. Phase noise:<-80 dBc/Hz @1 GHz @ 30 KHz offset
Excellent phase noise performance - <-80dBc/Hz @30KHz enables users to evaluate most synthesizers and signal generators.

4. EMI filter and peak detector kit
OWON offers an EMI filter and peak detector kit to help evaluating EMI levels for pre-compliance testing.


Model: XSA1032-TG

Frequency Specification



9kHz-3.2 GHz



Frequency span


0 Hz,100 Hz to maximum frequency of device


± span /(swept points -1)

Internal reference

Reference frequency

10.000000 MHz

Reference frequency accuracy

±[(days from last calibrate × freq aging rate)+ temperature stability + initial accuracy ]

Temperature stability

<2.5ppm (15℃ to 35℃)

Aging rate



Marker frequency resolution

span/(the number of sweep points -1)


±(freq indication × freq reference uncertainty +1%× span +10%× resolution bandwidth + Marker Frequency Resolution)

Frequency counter


1 Hz,10 Hz,100 Hz,1 kHz


±(marker freq × freq reference uncertainty + counter resolution)


Resolution bandwidth (-3 dB)

10Hz to 500kHz(in 1 to 10 sequence), 1MHz,3MHz

Resolution filter shape factor

<5:1 nominal(Digital implement, similar to Gauss Pattern)


<5% nominal

Video bandwidth (-3 dB)

10Hz to 3MHz





Amplitude Specification


Amplitude and electric level

Amplitude measurement range

DANL to +20 dBm, close the preamplifier

Reference electric level

-80 dBm to +30 dBm,0.1dBm steps


20 dB,nominal

Input attenuator range

1~50 dB,1 dB steps

Max input DC voltage

50 VDC

Max continuous power

30dBm,average continuous power

Displayed average noise level(DANL)


Input attenuation 0 dB,1Hz resolution bandwidth

Preamp off

1 MHz~10 MHz -140dBm(nominated)

10 MHz~1GHz -140dBm(nominated)

1GHz~3.2 GHz -138 dBm( nominated )

Preamp on

1 MHz~10 MHz -160dBm(nominated)

10 MHz~1GHz -160dBm(nominated)

1GHz~ 3.2GHz -158 dBm( nominated )

Phase noise

20 ℃ ~30 ℃,fc=1 GHz

Phase noise

<-82 dBc/Hz @10kHz offset

<-100 dBc/Hz @100 kHz offset

<-110 dBc/Hz @1 MHz offset

Level display range


Log scale coordinate

1dB ~255dB

Linear scale coordinate

0 to reference level

level unit

dBm, dBuW, dBpW, dBmV, dBuV, W,V



Number of traces



Positive-peak, negative-peak, sample, normal, RMS

Trace functions

Clear write, Max Hold, Min Hold, View, Blank, Average

Frequency response

20℃ ~30℃,30%~70% relative humidity, 20 dB input attenuation, reference 50 MHz

Preamp off

±0.8 dB;±0.4 dB typical

Preamp on

±0.9 dB;±0.4 dB typical


Input Attenuation Switching Uncertainty

20℃ ~30℃, fc=50 MHz,Preamplifier Off, 10dB RF attenuation,input signal 1~40 dB

±0.5 dB

Absolute Amplitude Uncertainty

20℃ ~30℃, fc=50 MHz,RBW=1 kHz,VBW=1 kHz,peak detector, 20 dB RF attenuation,

Preamplifier Off ±0.4 dB,input signal= -20dBm

Preamplifier On ±0.5 dB, input signal= -40dBm


input signal range -50dBm~0dBm

±1.5 dB


Input 20dB RF attenuation,1 MHz~3.2GHz


Distortion and spurious response

Second harmonic distortion

fc ≥ 50 MHz,Preamp off, signal input -30 dBm, 0 dB RF attenuation, 20 ℃ to 30 ℃


Third-order intermodulation

fc ≥ 50 MHz

+10 dBm

1 dB Gain Compression

fc ≥ 50 MHz, 0 dB RF attenuation,Preamp off , 20 ℃ to 30 ℃

+2 dBm, nominal

Residual response

connect 50 Ω load at input port,0 dB input attenuation,20 ℃ to 30 ℃


Input related spurious

-30 dBm signal at input mixer,20 ℃ to 30 ℃

<-60 dBc

Sweep time and triggering


Span range

100Hz≤SPAN≤3GHz 10ms to 3000s

zero sweep width 1ms to 3000s


Continue, single


Free run, video

Tracking generator

Output frequency range

100 kHz~3.2 GHz

Output power level range

-40 dBm~0 dBm ,

Output power level resolution


Output flatness

+/-3 dB

Maximum safe reverse level

Average total power:30 dBm,DC : ±50 VDC

Inputs and Outputs


Front panel RF input connector

50 Ω,N-type female

Front panel track generator output

50 Ω,N-type female

10 M reference input

50 Ω,N-type female

Communication port

USB HOST, USB DEVICE, LAN, earphone port, and VGA

General techincal specification



TFT LCD,10.4 inches

Weight (without package)

About 5kg

Dimension (W × H × D)

421 × 221 × 115 (mm)

Working temperature

0~40 ℃

Storage temperature

-20 °C to +60 °C


100V~240V 50/60Hz






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