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Lilliput 665-WH - 7" Wireless HDMI field monitor with WHDI and LP-E6 battery and Charger

The 665/WH is a 7" wireless HDMI Monitor with WHDI, HDMI, YPbPr, component video, peaking functions & focus assistance.

No HDMI cable, no trouble,
Wireless transmission without delay,
Transmitter distance: 30-meter,
FHD 60Hz video format supported, 
High contrast: 800:1,
WHDI, YPbPr & HDMI input/output;
Wide voltage: DC 6.5-24V;
Flexible folding sunshad 


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Lilliput 665-WH - 7" Wireless HDMI field monitor with WHDI and LP-E6 battery and Charger is available for purchase in increments of 1


The 665/WH is a 7" wireless HDMI Monitor with WHDI, HDMI, YPbPr, component video and sun hood. Optimised for for DSLR & Full HD Camcorder.

Note:   665/WH ( wireless HDMI input & WHDI


PTP & PTMP Transmission:

  • PTP: Point-to-point (standard),
  • PTMP: Point-to-multipoint (optional)
    *One transmitter can work with one receiver or multi-receivers.


PTMP                                                                            PTP

7 inch high definition screen

This is a 7" unit with superior resolution and higher contrast.

The screen resolution is significantly improved over other 7" HDMI monitors. The 665 has 1024×600 pixels on its LCD panel and a contrast ratio of 700:1, This is an outstanding monitor for pro-video users

High resolution LCD

The 665 features a native resolution of 1024x600 pixels

This high resolution gives an extremely detailed image potentially avoiding problems in the post-production environment making it an ideal choice for the discerning professional user

battery plates

Battery plate system for maximum compatibilty with your camera 

Lilliput's tried and tested battery plate system allows you to use the same batteries for your camera and your monitor.

dslr optimised

Optimised for DSLR cameras 

Camera equipment can be costly but  Lilliput endeavour to produce quality monitors at a reasonable price unlike some more well known brands. Lilliput's 665 demands serious consideration by today's video professionals

function buttons

Programmable function keys 

The 665-WH features programmable function keys to allow one button access to the more advanced features of the monitors firmware

multiple input types

Full range of input connetions for DSLR and video work

Use the 665-WH with a full range of input connectivity including HDMI, component and composite, and new for 2014 WHDI - the wireless high definition transmission system.

shoe mount adaptor

Shoe mount adaptor provided

Unlike some sellers, Lilliput Direct provide a full range of accesories with your monitor at no extra cost - including the shoe mount adaptor for mounting your monitor to the hotshoe plate on your camera..

wireless receiver

Wireless receiver - WHDI; the future of high definition transmission

Brand new to Lilliput - the 665-WH is the first unit to feature WHDI technology. Wirelessly transmit high def video to your monitor without the need for cabling. 

xlr power

XLR power connectivity 

Have greater compatibilty with existing infrastructure, with both DC and XLR power connectivity for your monitor system

entertainment solutions

Entertainment and multimedia.

Lilliput monitors are ideal for small form factor multimedia systems such as karaoke systems, DJ setups and as confidence monitors for home cinema systems.

photography solutions

Photography and Video solutions.

Lilliput HDMI monitors are designed for optimal use with DSLR camera and video rigs.


  Panel   7" LED backlit
  Physical Resolution   1024×600, support up to 1920×1080
  Aspect Ratio   16:9
  Brightness   250cd/㎡
  Contrast   800:1
  Viewing Angle   160°/150°(H/V)
  WHDI   1
  HDMI   1
  YPbPr   3(BNC)
  VIDEO   1
  AUDIO   1
  HDMI   1
  VIDEO   1
  Current   800mA
  Input Voltage   DC 7-24V(XLR)
  Battery Plate  
  F970 + LP-E6
  Power Consumption   ≤10W
  Operating Temperature   -20℃~60℃
  Storage Temperature   -30℃~70℃
  Dimension(LWD)   194.5×150×38.5 / 158.5mm (with cover)
  Weight   560g / 720g (with cover)
  WHDI(wireless HDMI)

  1080p 60/50/30/25/24Hz
  1080i 60/50Hz, 720p 60/50Hz
   576p 50Hz, 576i 50Hz
   480p 60Hz, 486i 60Hz

  HDMI   1080p 60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25/24/23.98/23.976Hz
  1080i 60/59.94/50Hz, 1035i 60/59.94Hz
   720p 60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25Hz
   576i 50Hz,  486i 60/59.94Hz, 480p 59.94Hz


  Dimension(LWD)   194.5×150×38.5 / 158.5mm (with cover)
  Weight   560g / 720g (with cover)


  • WHDI transmitter
  • Battery Plate(F970+LP-E6 as default) 
  • Battery plate bracket
  • 7" sun shade
  • HDMI A/C cable
  • 12V DC adapter
  • V-mount battery plate (optional,not included ) 
  • Anton Mount Plate (optional,not included ) 
  • Shoe Mount 
  • Li-ion battery (Pisen LP-E6 battery and charger as gifts  ) 

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